Saturday, 14 April 2012

when the springtime comes again

When the springtime comes again, cut paper collage

Venturing down some new roads blog pals. When I'm back on track in the UK this summer I'm going to take some ceramic classes and see about furniture building too. My grandad was a furniture maker, and his dad built printing presses. I want to get a bit more hands on. 

I sometimes have nightmares about losing my hands. Once I had this nightmare about being on a gameshow where when I lost (naturally I did) they cut my hands off and all the audience were cheering. Then the gameshow packed up and all the cameras went and I was left in the studio.

I want to do more collaborations too, try some fabric printing. Generally branch out, it all feeds back into making pictures. I've also got the hankering to do some more studious drawing again too. See where it all goes. This is a cut paper collage.


  1. yes rob! totally know where you're coming from with the branching out into new picture-making mediums and actually making things. exciting plans. enjoy la france!

  2. that nightmare would totally freak me out - but, great collages :)